With meters for water, thermal energy, and electricity, system engineering, Smart Metering and energy services, Diehl Metering supplies the complete process chain from meter to billing.

SAM Engineering and Diehl Metering have been working since 2009 on bringing you the best smart metering for your project, Including:

  • Meters (Water, Thermal, and Electricity)
  • System & Software ( Fixed and Mobile communication, Loggers, Gateways, AMR Software)
  • Meter & System Management ( starting with Selection up to operation & Maintenance)
  • Data Management (Data Hosting, Integration with other system, reporting and Billing)


  • Abdali Gateway
  • 264 pcs ultrasonic water meter, 95 pcs ultrasonic Thermal meters.
  • Fixed M-Bus radio communication.
  • Billing system.


  • Saint Regis Hotel ( 224 mechanical water meter, 269 mechanical energy meters along with a full M-Bus metering solution with a billing system).
  • Ayla Marina Village ( 150 ultrasonic water meter along with a full radio metering solution with implementing the drive-by solution).
  • Miyahuna Tender ( 600 ultrasonic water meters ).


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