Metering (Water, BTU)

With meters for water, thermal energy, gas and electricity, system engineering, Smart Metering and energy services, Diehl Metering supplies the complete process chain from meter to billing.
The entire product spectrum is optimized for automatic meter reading (AMR).

Water Meters
  • Large measuring range
  • Extensive measuring technologies for the world markets
  • Innovative functions like leak detection, fraud detection
  • Modular and communicative product range
  • Eco-designed products
Thermal energy Meters
  • Solutions for heating and cooling
  • High accurate meters
  • long life static measuring technology
  • individual combinations of calculators with flow and temperature sensors
  • modular communication interfaces
Gas Meters
  • Innovative high precision micro-thermal measuring principle
  • silent and wear-free
  • Temperature-converted and pressure-independent
  • transparent billing process
  • Integrated communication
Battery-Operated Electro-Magnetic Meters
  • For District Metering Zones
  • For general purpose detection in a standalone package, the battery operated M5000 mag meter is the ideal solution for remote applications. It is conveniently powered by a battery designed for up to ten years of performance. The M5000 mag meter is built for field verification testing with the use of a simple, handheld device.



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