Level Measurement

Rosemount Level Measurement & Level Sensors
04- Rosemount Solids Measurement

With so many technologies, products and parameters to consider, selecting the best technology for level measurement can be challenging. Choose from the comprehensive Rosemount portfolio of level devices for the best solution for your level application.

Rosemount Differential Pressure Level Products
01- Differential Pressure Level-02

Flexible mounting for liquid tank levels, including those with wide temperature and pressure requirements. Can be isolated by valves. Unaffected by: vapor space changes, surface conditions, foam, corrosive fluids, internal tank equipment.

Rosemount Guided Wave Radar for level and interface
02- Guided Wave Radar

Meet your toughest measurement challenges with our guided wave radars, which are easy to install into existing openings and are virtually unaffected by process conditions.
Good fit for small spaces and easy swap for older technologies.

Rosemount non-contacting radar
03- non-contacting radar -03

When you need simple, top-down installation and commissioning along with trouble-free operation, non-contacting radar level is your best choice. Use it for a wide range of applications, including dirty and corrosive materials, solids and inventory tank gauging.

Rosemount Solids Measurement Products
04- Rosemount Solids Measurement-02

Measuring the level and/or volume on solids can be a challenge but not if you choose the correct product for your application.​​​​​ ​​​

Rosmount provides you a range of products for high accuracy level and volume measurement of dry bulk solid materials.

Rosemount Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Top mounted non-contacting level measurement in open and closed tanks, wet wells and open channel flow measurement. Reliable and cost-effective. Unaffected by fluid properties (density, viscosity, liquid surface, and corrosiveness). Intrinsically safe versions for hazardous area use

Rosemount 2100 Series Liquid Level Switches
05- Rosemount 2100 Series Liquid Level Switches-03

For high and low alarms, overfill protection, pump control, including wide pressure and temperature requirements, and hygienic applications. Flexible mounting. Immune to changing process conditions and suitable for most liquids

Mobrey Products
06- Mobrey Products-01

Emerson’s Mobrey process instrumentation has provided industry with reliable measurement and control of liquids, gases and dry products for more than 100 years. This broad range of high quality products is designed for optimization of plants and processes through monitoring and control of level and flow.

Magtech Level Indicator
07- Magtech Level Indicator02

For reliable and versatile level instrumentation

As one of the industry’s most recognized providers of magnetic level indicators and magnetostrictive transmitters, Magtech has been solving process plant problems and keeping plants safe for over 20 years, providing application expertise and helping reduce maintenance.


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