Environmental Monitoring

The DURAG GROUP develops and manufactures products in the field of environmental measuring technology for measuring and monitoring

  • Dust concentration and opacity
  • Total mercury concentration
  • Flue gas volume flow

as well as evaluation systems for the calculation of emissions.

The products are used worldwide in power generation plants and the process industry, such as fossil fuel power stations, waste incineration plants, refineries, chemical processing plants, cement works, the lime industry, the steel industry, filter and dust extraction plants as well as for monitoring ambient air.
The DURAG Group is known for its high standards of quality. DURAG has been ISO 9001 certified for a number of years and has fully implemented the corresponding requirements. The products are manufactured to national, European and international standards. The following are taken into account:

VDI 2066 / VDI 3950 – German dust measurement standard
EN 14181 – European quality assurance standard for automatic measuring equipment
EN 13284 – European standard for determining small dust concentrations
EN 12341 – European standard for determining PM10 airborne dust
EN 14884 – European standard for determining total mercury concentration
ISO 10473 – International standard for beta absorption method
ASTM D-6216.98 – American dust measurement standard.



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