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Across the Middle East countries, solar power represents a considerably competitive alternative to conventional sources of power generation. This is true for both non-oil producing as well as oil-producing countries. We foresee a very high level of investments in solar power generating plants across the Middle East in the coming years.

SAMsol® Solutions for PV Power Plant

SAM Engineering produces the SAMsol®Array Series for PV application covering a wide range of custom-tailored string combiner boxes that meet the exact requirements of your solar park, and comply with the latest industry standards.

With up to 32 string inputs in one box, the SAMsol®Array becomes smarter with the addition of the string monitoring option. This enables operators to react immediately to malfunctions and power losses, and to achieve maximum energy yield from the installed solar park in the shortest possible time.

SAM Engineering can also extend its offer with the SAMsol®Control, a system that enables operators to log and supervise all their park’s data with the help of SAMsol®Monitor software.

The SAMsol®Series of solutions has been optimized to provide a lighter, more compact, cost-effective product with an optimized layout that ensures the best quality and performance at all times.

Please find the brochure for our latest solar products for full description and technical details.

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