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PCE Instruments works with things that are really important: industrial measurement tools that help to better understand and optimize processes. Our field of activity is the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial products that help to increase efficiency in many industries, such as industrial plants or laboratories.

The measuring instruments are the main focus of PCE Instruments. In our catalog, you will find hand tools, instruments for fixed installation and other measuring instruments for analysis and research.

Collecting data is becoming increasingly important every day in the industry, both in the professional and private sector. Demand is focused primarily on devices that measure quickly and accurately, delivering concrete results during the measurement. At PCE Instruments, you will find over 600 instruments from the areas of measurement, control and weighing technology.


PCE Instruments offers complete solutions for demanding industrial and modern measurement tasks. Our solutions achieve maximum reliability in measurements. In the field of inspection and non-destructive testing, you will find measuring instruments to determine and analyze the quality of various scientific and industrial applications without damaging the material.

Imagine that in some manufacturing processes, the values would differ from the historical values. That would increase the manufacturing costs and there would also be a loss of time. PCE Instruments offers preventive solutions that detect possible deviations directly during the manufacturing process, reducing costs and time.

The HMI operator panels (Human Machine Interface) are a great support in process visualization. They are specially designed to operate and observe processes in the industry. No matter which type of communication you require (fieldbus, Ethernet, serial interfaces), our operator panels can be easily integrated into all networks.

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