Siemens and SAM Engineering have enjoyed an almost 30 year partnership (Since 1986) that is growing stronger each day. Our modern Building Automation methods and the wide technical team of expert engineers we have at SAM allows us to provide the best solutions in the region.
Building Technologies
Building Technologies is the world market leader for safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructure. As a technology partner, consultant, service provider, system integrator and product supplier, Building Technologies offers fire safety, security, building automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as energy management products and services.

Previous Projects:
1) Mecca Mall Extension (2000 data points, 87 DDC panels, including full chillers, MCC fire alarm interface, …).
2) Pediatric Hospital (3600 data points, 22 DDC panels, including full chillers interface, 28 air handling units and fire alarm system interface, …)
3) Jordan Armed Forces HQ ( 10000 data points, 105 DDC panels, including full chillers interface 60 air handling unit, 220 water pumps, 85 VFD panels, …)
4) TAJ mall (1650 data points, 9 DDC panels, including fill chillers interface, elevators and escalators monitoring,…)
5) Boulevard (3363 data points, including 36 air handling units, 1121 FCUs controlled by BMS, CCTV monitorind, MDBs monitoring, …)
6) National Center for security and crisis management ( 800 data points, 12 DDC panels, MDBs full integration, MCCs full integration, UPS full integration, Fire alarm system full integration, chillers full integration,…)
7) Abdali Gateway ( 1900 data points, 19 DDC panels, including 4 heat exchangers, emergency battery system monitoring, exhaust fans control and monitoring, …)
8) Saint Regis Hotel: ( 3000 data points, 60 DDC panel, including chillers full integration, MDBs integration, 6 VAV units, 20 AHUs, …)


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