W.L Gore


American Company that started back in 1958 which is considered to be the inventor of the Expanded Teflon Material and manufactures all kinds of ePTFE Gaskets solutions.
Gore Gaskets are considered to be the safest, easiest, most reliable sealing for Glass Lined & Plastic piping and off-course Steel Flanges. Gore Gaskets are a top tier essential product in the industrial field, since the ePTFE material is Chemically Inert and resistant to High and Low Temp and came be sold in different forms such as:

  • Sheet Gaskets
    • Exceptionally resistant to creep, cold flow and aggressive media, this 100% ePTFE gasket sheet reliably seals steel piping and equipment.
  • Ready Cut Gaskets (Different Sizes and Thicknesses)
    • Reliably seal a broad range of flange materials with this low stress-to-seal, exceptionally dimensionally stable and chemically resistant 100% ePTFE gasket.
    • Series 1000;Easily and reliably seal glass-lined steel to contain aggressive media, protect equipment, and reduce emissions.
  • Tape Gaskets
    • Versatile, easy-to-install 100% ePTFE sealing cord is a cost-effective solution for large steel flanges in general-use applications.

Gore proudly manufactures all of its products in USA, Germany and Japan.

SAM Engineering &Trade Co. is proudly Partners with Gore serving any inquiry around the world.

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